5 Ways You Can Benefit from a Dash Cam

June 23th, 2020

Dash cams record video footage of a driver’s journey on the road. Once installed, not only do they come jam-packed with incredible features, they offer a plethora of benefits for the everyday driver.

1. Evidence Locker

While dam cams aren’t evidence lockers in the literal sense, the very fact that they retain every second of one’s journey on the road allows them to capture moments that may be otherwise missed. This ranges from something as small (but still epic) as a squirrel doing a backflip in the middle of the highway before running away... to a serious, and almost life-threatening, collision.  Dash cams essentially keep a record of everything, including accidents.

This can be great for a number of reasons. Particularly if you get involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault - you’ll have undeniable proof to present to a judge or an insurance company.

2. Insurance Fraud

Insurance companies bring us to our next point: insurance fraud. Unfortunately, we live in an era where some people can justify making false auto insurance claims in order to make a quick buck. Installing a dash cam will not only prevent you from falling victim to such a heinous scheme, you’ll also be equipped to help someone else in such a case.

For example, if you see (and capture) someone intentionally hitting a car - in a parking lot and 1. causing a scene or 2. running away - you will have the option to hand in your camera footage to help catch the perpetrator. And if the good human act is not reason enough to do something for someone else - by handing over the recording, you could indirectly lower your own rates.

3. Accountability

If you have a tendency to drive a little recklessly, or have teenagers that tend to drive without a care in the world - installing a dash cam will do you good. Not only does it hold people accountable, the very fact that one slip up can and will be used against them will keep them perched up and on guard while on the road. This means they’re less likely to partake in distracted driving - keeping themselves safe and those around them safe as well.

4. Unattended Guardian

Leaving a parked car unattended can be risky. When you’re not in your vehicle, anything can happen. From your windshield being covered in bird droppings, to a scratch on the hood or side door, to a full-on collision. Now, if you aren’t physically present for any of these occurrences, how will you be able to protect yourself and prove that the collision was not of your own doing? You can definitely fight - but video evidence is the quickest way to a guaranteed victory. Dash cams are basically your vehicle’s guardian angels, when you can’t be.

5. Unexpected Memorabilia

If we were to overlook the practical reasons to install a dash cam, we can definitely attest to the fact that dash cams make for unexpected content. Whether that’s capturing a meteor shower, a plane landing on the highway or simply documenting your cross-country journey so you can whip up some creative content to show your friends and family. The possibilities are endless.

Nowadays, dash cams are created with several features beyond just filming the road. Some come with GPS capabilities and speed logging, as well as impact detection and event tagging, lane departure warnings, motion sensors - just to name a few. With so many benefits from a single device, why hesitate getting one for yourself? If you’re looking for professional dash cam installation services, call (416) 901-5812 and get in touch with our certified technicians at CSI. Our huge selection of top quality dash cams are priced so competitively that you’ll be glad you called.

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