A Host of Benefits with a Dash Camera Installation

November 30th, 2017

Dash-mounted cameras are gaining more and more popularity as drivers realize the benefits. Whether it’s about safety or insurance, dash-mounted cameras make a valuable contribution to both beginner and experienced drivers. With an expert dash camera installation, driving activity is recorded in real time, and high-tech features provide benefits on city streets and highways.

A dash camera installation will pay for itself after the first mishap – whether it’s a simple fender bender or a serious hit-and-run accident. Dash-mounted cameras provide valuable evidence for police and insurance companies. Better still, there’s little chance of “insurance fraud” in the event that something happens in the local parking lot or even while driving long distance on highways.

Safety and security with a dash camera installation

Even for safe and responsible drivers, a dash camera installation can provide added safety and security. Overall, drivers make technical mistakes and driving errors every time they hit the road. And while no driver is impeccable on the road, dash cameras can be valuable when it comes to the “other guy”. Bottom line, a good dash camera will offer driver safety, security and confidence.

Dual-camera system - record fluid videos front and back

With a wide 139° view angle, this system (with BlackVue) provides video clarity even in low light. Critical details are captured when driving or while parked. Also available is the “Over the Cloud” service, allowing drivers to check on the car from anywhere.

Impact and motion detection (driving or parked vehicle)

While driving, BlackVue detects both impacts and sudden changes in driving speed. When the vehicle is parked, movements are also detected. Videos files can be easily found with the BlackVue Viewer (Windows/Mac OS or App for Android/iOS).

Sony STARVIS™ image sensors (front and rear cameras)

With Sony STARVIS™ image sensors, front and rear cameras deliver outstanding lower-light performance. With the Enhanced Night Vision feature, drivers have more brightness in darker environments, allowing for additional safety and security.

A dash camera installation provides real time footage

Dash-mounted cameras provide footage that is real-time, accurate, and reliable. While insurance companies don’t offer discounts for installed dash-cameras, the video footage is still valuable in accident scenarios. The truth is, dash-camera footage has proven to be more reliable than witness accounts. Big picture, dash cameras also provide accountability – including police officer actions, prevention of insurance fraud, and general reliability of testimonies (when this is required).

Dash cams also allow for monitoring while the vehicle is out of sight. BlackVue technology will monitor a parked vehicle, but will only record when motion or impact has been detected. Finally, video recordings can be backed up to a cell phone or “cloud” when this becomes necessary.

A dash camera is ideal for reporting those “undisciplined drivers”

What better way to report an undisciplined driver than with video footage that is virtually foolproof “evidence”? Reckless and irresponsible drivers are both bothersome and dangerous – but for years, there was nothing much that other drivers could do. Today, with a good dash camera, bad road behaviour can be recorded and then used as the ultimate video proof. This applies equally to drunk drivers, reckless drivers, and even drivers who insist on texting and driving. Bad drivers, for any reason, can cause havoc for the rest of the drivers on the road, but with dash cam video these drivers can be easily reported and often charged with offenses.

Dash cams are perfect for driver instructors (and worried parents)

Simply put, dashboard cameras can keep an eye on a vehicle driver, whomever it may be. You may be a parent who wants to keep a watchful eye on your teenage driver. You may own a taxi and want to keep an eye on your drivers. Or you might be a business owner who wants to keep road mileage and fuel consumption under control. As for driving instructors, dash cams are ideal for debriefing with students and for in-class instruction. Finally, most of the better dash cameras are equipped with GPS devices – that means that in addition to video recording, the dash camera can also record driving speeds, street routes, and driving history. It’s a perfect record of activity.

What a great way to record your entire summer road trip experience

For those drivers who just love the idea of a road trip, a high quality dash camera can turn your road trip experience into an unforgettable video memory. In fact, with a little creativity, and some skill, you can turn raw video footage into a full-fledged documentary of your travels. With some of the higher end dash camera models, video footage can actually be downloaded and saved for editing and fine-tuning. At that point, creativity and imagination can take over, and a complete video history of your travels can be produced. This isn’t likely the reason that you’re going to buy a dash camera, but it sure is a great side benefit. What’s important, though, is a quality camera.

These days, dash cameras have an amazing array of features/functions

Year after year, consumers continue to be amazed at how much dash cameras have evolved. With many built-in features and functions, most cameras today are high-resolution, and with plenty of storage space. GPS functionality allows you to easily track speed and location, as well as plotting out the most efficient travel route. The better cameras also come with low battery usage features, which make for energy efficiency and increased lifespan. Finally, with a high-tech LCD screen, a driver can view clear, high quality video (even in low light situations). For those who have chosen touch technology, all the menu options are straightforward, user-friendly, and totally hassle free.

Additional benefits with dash-mounted cameras

•  BlackVue App and Viewer (free download) allow for easy management of video files

•  BlackVue technology allows for WI-FI connection and access files (also in real time)

•  BlackVue design provides easy access to functions (ON/OFF by waving one’s hand)

•  Built-in GPS technology is designed to add location and speed data to video records

•  WI-FI compatibility lets drivers connect with BlackVue with smartphones or tablets

•  BlackVue can also be accessed through “Over the Cloud” from home or mobile device

Most important with dash-mounted cameras is to have everything professionally installed. The systems are high-tech, and aftermarket installation requires both experience and expertise. This will ensure long-term performance for the system, and personal satisfaction going forward. 

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