2019 Guide for Best Remote Starter Installation

September 25th, 2019

Today, a remote car starter can be installed in practically every vehicle – it’s simply not a feature for the luxury class alone. In fact, a remote car starter is one of the best after-market investments that can me made. What’s important, however, is to install a remote car starter professionally. It’s the best way to avoid making installation mistakes, while preventing problems from developing.

Which remote starter is best for you?

Smart Phone Starters

Viper SmartStart Remote Starter

Viper makes it possible to start, lock, or unlock a vehicle just by using a smart device (Android, iPhone, iPad, or iPod). SmartStart is the leader in remote starters and vehicle security. The app also makes it possible to control multiple vehicles, and assign multiple users to control a vehicle.

Smart Phone Remote Starter

The Smart Phone control system can be added to an existing remote starter (or starter/alarm). In addition to the start and stop capability, this system also allows for locking and unlocking doors. Finally, the Smart Phone Remote Starter may be used to activate other accessories (open trunk).

All-in-One Remote Starter Kits

Compustar all-in-one Starter Kit

With a host of advanced features, Compustar also offers an optional compatibility feature for “plug-and-play” installation. As well, the system can be upgraded to perform as a start/alarm system. Professional expertise is required to install a remote car starter system of this type.

iDataStart HC2352AC (all-in-one)

This all-in-one remote starter and bypass combination includes TWO 2-way remotes. This is the ultimate solution for control, range, and response. The remote allows for up to 3,000 feet range. The iDataStart is programmable for 2 additional remotes, as well as additional smartphone control (also available for Audi).

EVO ONE Remote Starter/Bypass 

EVO ONE is an all-in-one remote starter PLUS security system PLUS data interface. This is the ultimate door lock, security system, and remote starter. The unit is more powerful than most – with advanced technology and affordable cost. The EVO ONE system offers OEM FOB start on many different vehicles.

1-Way Remote Starters

Compustar RF-1WR3-AM 

Start your vehicle from a distance of up to 800 feet. When installed with the CM-7000 starter/alarm combination, the complete Compustar RF-1WR3-AM system indicates whether there was any other alarm trigger activation. The device is slim and sleek, and with the advanced controller, this is the highest tech starter on the market today.

2-Way Remote Starters

Compustar RF-2WT9-FM 

This unit will send commands up to 3000 feet. Receive visual/audible confirmation on the LCD screen. With the Compustar RF-2WT9-FM you can remotely start your engine; arm and disarm your security; and lock/unlock your vehicle doors. You can customize your system to activate the heated seats, the rolling windows, and even the rear-defrost.

Compustar RF-2WG15-FM 

With up to 3000 feet range, and an LED screen, this two-way remote starter will show the inside vehicle temperature, the battery voltage, and much more. When installed with the starter/alarm combination, the complete Compustar RF-2WG15-FM system will indicate if there was alarm activation (shock sensor, door pin, hood pin, and more).

Compustar Pro RF-P2WR3-SS

Start your vehicle from up two miles. The LED screen (with CM-7200 Control Module) will show inside vehicle temperature, battery voltage, and more. When Compustar Pro RF-P2WR3-SS is installed with the remote starter/alarm combination, the system indicates if there was alarm trigger activation (shock sensor, hood pin, door pin, and much more.

Luxury Branded Remote Starters

If you’re looking for a luxury branded remote starter, our installers offer a wide range of compatible units. Options include one-way controllers, two-way controllers, as well as smart phone systems that eliminate the conventional need for getting an extra FOB.

BMW and MINI Remote Starters

These starters allow BMW or MINI owners to use the factory key. Vehicle models 2005 to 2015 are compatible, and the system can be paired with several aftermarket long-range kits. A highly advanced system, it’s necessary to install a remote car starter system like this one professionally.

Mercedes Benz Remote Starters

The Smartkey Starter® uses the “panic” button, without affecting the normal function. This system is compatible with most models back to 2003. The SmartKey Starter® is seamless, with a near zero failure rate. “Plug and play” integration is possible with longer-range transmitters.

Options also available for:

  • Audi
  • Infinity
  • Maserati
  • Porsche
  • Range Rover

To avoid mistakes, install a remote car starter system professionally

By any definition, a remote car starter is a highly technical device - and installation is equally technical. Simply put, professional installation is the key to long-term satisfaction. This is not the right time to be cutting corners or to shop for the “lowest bid”. Quite often, remote starters can involve some complex work and getting into a DIY approach can be a recipe for many problems.

Trained professionals will install a remote car starter system correctly the first time. This will maximize the technical experience, and will prevent mistakes that could be costly to undo. With remote car starters, an expert installation will not void the vehicle’s warranty (regardless of what the car dealer has to say). With a professional, vehicle owners are assured of a job done right.

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