For Added Collision Safety – Dash Cams Are the Answer

April 20th, 2018

Dash cams are becoming increasingly valuable when it comes to collision safety. What’s most important, however, is to choose a model with good features and good dollar value. For a wide range of options, Car Systems Installation can help you choose the dash camera that best suits.

Dash cams can be very reliable for insurance and court

The video footage from dash cams has proven to be very useful in the event of a traffic accident. These situations are stressful and emotions can often run high. While the back and forth blaming is understandable, nothing comes close to showing what happened than your dash cam footage.

Good quality dash camera footage can straighten things out very quickly, and can move things along in a more productive way. In fact, more and more insurance companies are relying on footage to push claims forward, without the wasted time of disputing what exactly happened.

No need to worry about a hit-and-run accident again

Many of the better quality dash cams today are battery powered (and rechargeable). They provide video footage even when the vehicle is parked. One of the benefits of these dash cams is capturing video of so-called “parking accidents” – those drivers who prefer to take off afterwards.

Hit-and-run vehicle accidents are simply annoying – you have no idea who did it – and you have to pay for the damage personally. With a dash camera recording, it’s likely that you’ll have a video of the vehicle license plate and a description of the vehicle itself (the make, model, and colour).

If you’re cycling, a dash camera makes things safer

Today, many cyclists feel safer on the road with a “cycle-friendly” dash camera. When fitted on a helmet or right on a bike, a good dash camera can provide valuable information about motorists who drive dangerously, are involved in a near-miss, or engage in action that is life-threatening. And although the dash cam can’t fully protect a cyclist, video footage can certainly be of benefit.

People with a dash camera often drive more safely

While every driver is different, with different training, and with different habits, it seems that those who have a dash camera tend to be more mindful. They seem to pay more attention to speed limits, road signs, and traffic lights. As well, the experience of parking is less stressful. With roads and highways much more risky than ever, a good dash cam can make the journey safer.

What to look for when shopping for a dash camera

What’s most important when shopping for a dash camera is to choose a model with features that suit your need. In addition, it’s wise to shop for good value – high quality features at a good price.

  • look for good image quality - particularly in low light conditions and changes in weather
  • include GPS functionality where possible – this extra tool will help to pinpoint a location
  • G-force sensors can detect unexpected forces and create a log of the severity of the impact

Some of the best dash cams at Car Systems Installation

At Car Systems Installation, we’ll show you the makes and models that will suit your needs and your budget. Our people have extensive product knowledge and a high level of installation expertise. We are a full-service shop, and we do everything under one roof. Find out more by visiting our website at or call directly at 416.901.5812.

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