GPS Systems and Dash-Cams Make for Safer, Easier Driving

October 27th, 2017

Whether a driver is new or experienced, operating a vehicle is much safer and easier with a GPS system and dash camera. What’s most important is for the GPS installation and dash camera installation to be professional. Trying to manage a DIY installation might save money, but these components are highly technical, and after-market installations can sometimes get complex.

Whatever the in-car components, drivers should always be focused and aware of the surrounding environment. High-tech devices should be considered supplementary. As such, a GPS system and dash-cam system should be used in the proper way, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A high quality GPS and dash-cam system simply makes the driving experience easier and safer.  

GPS installation makes for safer, more confident travel

A GPS system allows drivers to know where they are and where they’re going. It’s actually rare to get lost with a good GPS. Even when a driver neglects a turnoff, or forgets a direction, the GPS will recalculate the route – and then, it’s easy and simple to get back on track and resume the journey.

GPS installation simply eliminates the need for a map. There’s no need to read a map, provide directions, or guess at the best route for traffic. A good GPS system does it all, without any stress. In fact, some industry studies show that driving with a GPS is safer, particularly in low-visibility.

With highway driving, GPS gives plenty of warning for lane changes and upcoming exits. When it comes to unfamiliar roads, GPS instructions can make the difference between arrival and getting lost. And with professional GPS installation, drivers are assured of the most suitable system.

Dashboard Cameras offer a host of driver benefits

A high quality dashboard camera (dash cam) will start recording when the vehicle starts. The camera provides real-time video, which is often valuable as car accident evidence or material information for the insurance company. Dash cams such as VIOFO and GNET also reduce the risk of vehicle vandalism.

Some dash cams are actually equipped with a GPS component that tracks location and speed. The best cameras come with LCD touch screens that incorporate a navigation menu that is very user-friendly. Here, the combination dash camera/GPS system can really enhance a longer journey.

Dash cameras have proven to be excellent vehicle security systems for many drivers. They benefit the car owner with added peace of mind, with a level of reassurance that the vehicle is safe and secure. In some cases, dash cameras can affect car insurance costs in a positive way.

With professional GPS installation, the outcomes are better

At Car Systems Installation, in-house technicians are specialists in auto electronics. The GPS product inventory surpasses most competitors, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. At CSI, customers can rest assured that they are getting customized components that will suit the need.

Car Systems Installation offers flexible appointment times, and extended hours when necessary. To learn more about GPS installation, dash cameras, and other state-of-the-art auto electronics, contact CSI at 416.901.5812 or visit the company website at .

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