Amber Connect GPS Tracking With Starter Kill Connection & TAG Tracking for Lamborghini Avio

May 25th, 2022

We recently had a customer come to us for some installations in their Lamborghini Avio. This customer wanted an Amber connect GPS tracking system and a TAG tracking system installed in their vehicle. 

The Amber connect GPS tracking with a starter kill connection was a great installation for this vehicle. There are many benefits to having this product installed in your vehicle. With this GPS tracking, you are able to locate your vehicle's location, track the speed at which your vehicle has been driven, you can set up a geofence (allocate only a particular area the vehicle is allowed to be driven), and you can view the car's history of places driven for up to 1 year. 

These features can be very beneficial if you have a car that your child is using, to set driving boundaries and track the speed at which they are driving. These features can also be beneficial if you have employees who are driving work vehicles, as you can track the driving history of all places they have travelled. As well, this GPS comes with a starter kill connection, meaning you can stop the car from being able to turn on - but the car will not stop while driving. For example, if someone has taken your car and stops at the store, you can use the starter kill connection, and they will not be able to start your vehicle when back from the store. 

We also installed a TAG tracking system in this vehicle. You can read more about this system on some of our recently published blogs for a Ferrari and a Bentley! 

Take a look at the photos from this completed project below!

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