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September 19th, 2018

Today, the best front and rear dash cam gains exceptional popularity among regular drivers, bus and taxi drivers, driving instructors, and police officers. “Dash cam” stands for “dashboard camera”, and the name says it all: it is a camera mounted on the dashboard or rear-view mirror of your vehicle. The main purpose of the dash cam is to record images and sounds that take place on the road or inside the car. These cameras are typically affordable, yet feature-rich at the same time, and can be coupled with various on-board technologies, including GPS devices, parking sensors, and recorders.

With a dash cam installed in your car, you can be sure to have the first-hand evidence in case a car accident happens. Not only you could report any rude or undisciplined drivers you encounter on the road, but also record all the fun that you have on a road trip.

To make sure all your needs are met with a comprehensive dash cam coverage, we compiled a list to help you pick the best front and rear dash cam.

Best Front and Rear Dash Cam from Car Systems Installation

Most of dash cams present a single device, which sits behind or over the rear-view mirror and records the road ahead. However, dual dash cameras, one to film ahead and one to film behind you, become more and more popular, as they allow for full video coverage around and inside your car.

A broad range of Blackvue Dual Dash Cams offers the highest dash cam resolution on the market. For example, with BlackVue DR900S 2CH, you’ll receive a 4K definition video, with special sensors that ensure you get the best images possible under any lighting conditions. 4K definition means that the quality of the video recording is 4 times that of a regular full-HD video. The latest compression techniques allow for the top video quality, while keeping the amount of memory required to a minimum.

You may want to opt for a more affordable Momento M5 Full HD Dual Dash Cam or Momento M4 HD Dual Dash Cam, which comes packaged with a front camera with LCD display, rear dash camera, a 32GB micro-SD card, and a GPS antenna.

1080P HD OEM Mirror Dash Cam offers an OEM style mirror with various mirror adapters. With OEM Dash Cam, you also have an option of installing the backup camera with parking guidelines, which makes parking as easy as ever.

Often, dash cam videos recorded under low-light condition, for example in dark alleys or parking lots, are not as clear as you wish them to be. For the clearest video in any environment, consider THINKWARE F800PRO combo Front & Rear Dash Cam. The Super Night Vision 2.0, which uses the latest Image Signal Processing Technology, combined with the new Video Enhancement Technology, allows for the most vivid and visible video recordings in any situation and makes THINKWARE the best front and rear dash cam for filming at night.

Choose LG Innotek LGD323 or LGD521 Dashcam for a featured car battery management system that prevents the vehicle battery from discharging. With Innotek dash cams, you can also rest assured that no videos would be omitted even during abnormal shut off of the system.

Top Front Dash Cam from Car Systems Installation

With all of the advantages of the best front and rear dash cam, it could definitely be more expensive than a traditional front dash cam. So, if you are looking for a more affordable option, while still maintaining the high quality of video recording, consider these front dash cameras from Car Systems Installation:

Among other BlackVue Dash Cams, BlackVue DR900S-1CH 4K Dash Cam offers the highest quality video available in a dash camera up to date – 4 times the number of pixels in a Full-HD resolution. This camera also uses the HEVC video encoding technology, meaning that the size of your videos is kept as small as possible without compromising the quality.

The new Blackvue DR750S-2CH-IR adds an exciting feature that makes your vehicle secure inside and outside. It is equipped with an additional infrared camera that captures everything that happens inside the cabin, making it perfect for taxi or rideshare drivers. The infrared LEDs, which work automatically based on the current lighting, allow the camera to “see in the dark”, even under pitch-black conditions.

THINKWARE DASH CAM F50 is an affordable option for a Full-HD video recording during both day and night. Furthermore, THINKWARE’s unique Format Free Technology eliminates the need for manual formatting of the video files on the memory card and extends the life of the card. With THINKWARE, you can view the video files on your PC at any time, without the need to perform any file conversions.

Over the years, front dash cams gained a strong position on the car electronics market – not without a reason. Millions of drivers choose dash cams for their variety of features and simply because no one wants to deal with insurance company in case of an accident – luckily, with a dash cam installed, you will have strong evidence in case anything unexpected happens.

For Best Front and Rear Dash Cam, Shop Online at CSI

The sad reality is that no one is protected from a car accident. The best thing you can do to avoid the hassle of figuring out who is guilty in the situation is to install the best dash camera from Car Systems Installation. The recorded videos will not only serve as strong evidence after the accident, but will help you preserve the happy memories of road trips and fun times with friends and family. You can even be lucky to capture an unexpected phenomenon – and, who knows, maybe make a fortune!

Whether you are looking for the best front and rear dash cam or a traditional single dash cam, CSI has something for you. Shop online at and get your dash cam today to ensure safe driving under any conditions.

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