What are my Options for Headrest DVD Installation in Toronto

January 19, 2018

Headrest DVD monitors are a great way to provide video in any vehicle. Quality headrest monitors make it very easy to customize in-vehicle entertainment, thus providing passengers with various options to access an installed DVD system. When it comes to headrest DVD installation in Toronto,...

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Consumers Choice: Best Car Installations of 2017

December 30, 2017

Technology just keeps moving forward – and for the average consumer it’s all about catching up.  In 2017, Car Systems Installation installed some of the hottest new products on the market and offered some of the best car installations of 2017. Best of all, there’s more to come...

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Fill Your Wish List With Car Electronics for Christmas

December 20, 2017

When it comes to filling that wish list, car electronics for Christmas could be the perfect answer. For enjoyment right through the year, Car Systems Installation can recommend everything from integrated GPS systems, to sophisticated dash cameras, to full out multimedia installations. Car...

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A Host of Benefits with a Dash Camera Installation

November 30, 2017

Dash-mounted cameras are gaining more and more popularity as drivers realize the benefits. Whether it’s about safety or insurance, dash-mounted cameras make a valuable contribution to both beginner and experienced drivers. With an expert dash camera installation, driving activity is recorded...

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Installing Car Safety Technology for a Much Safer Ride

November 17, 2017

Today, nothing is more important for a driver than safety on the road. And with car safety technology installed, both safety and security can be assured. Every day, countless vehicle accidents occur, and many of them can be avoided. With the right car safety technology, collision prevention and...

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GPS Systems and Dash-Cams Make for Safer, Easier Driving

October 27, 2017

Whether a driver is new or experienced, operating a vehicle is much safer and easier with a GPS system and dash camera. What’s most important is for the GPS installation and dash camera installation to be professional. Trying to manage a DIY installation might save money, but these components...

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For Car Audio Installations in Toronto Trust the Professionals

October 17, 2017

For car audio installations in Toronto, Car Systems Installation can install a wide range of audio components separately or as a complete integrated system. While the DIY option might be tempting (and somewhat of a money saver), it’s much better to work with audio professionals. At CSI,...

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Great Car Electronics Make Road Trips Superb

August 31, 2017

Fall is around the corner, and fall foliage is soon to follow. While nobody in the northeast wants to say goodbye to summer, fall foliage is truly an incredible experience. With a great car, and great car electronics, fall road trips can be an experience of their own. And today, with the latest...

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For Those Drivers With Remote Starters, There’s No Going Back!

August 18, 2017

With fall and winter just around the corner, drivers with remote starters really appreciate the luxury of starting their vehicle remotely. Probably the best reason for investing in remote starters is that the vehicle is comfortable the minute a driver sits down. Needless to say, the vehicle is nice...

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For the Latest in Mercedes Benz Accessories

August 01, 2017

For the latest, most innovative Mercedes Benz accessories, tech-savvy vehicle owners can count on Car Systems Installation for the best selection on the market. To book a custom installation, call 416.901.5812, or visit the company website at Mercedes Benz...

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Car systems installations: Compustar t11 Remote Starter

July 01, 2017

Technology is mechanism that is so helpful for so many things in life, one of them being cars. The Compustar t11 Remote Starter is a technological revolution that is great for your car. You have the ability to do so many things as this tools functionality is limitless. Compustar...

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4 New Features Your Car Should Have

June 07, 2017

Years ago, fancy features inside the car were limited to luxury cars and limousines.  Today, it’s very different – what was once considered a fancy feature is now standard. From music, to navigation, to Bluetooth®, to security systems, most late model vehicles are all stocked...

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